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FormulaMod NCK2 Series PSU Extension Cable Kit , Solid Color Cable Mix Combo 300mm ATX24Pin PCI-E8Pin CPU8Pin With Combs

FormulaMod NCK2 Series PSU Extension Cable Kit , Solid Color Cable Mix Combo 300mm ATX24Pin PCI-E8Pin CPU8Pin With Combs

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Purchase Notes:

1. Because of the different display setting of each computer, the pictures and real objects will be slightly color different. 


2. All cables have been assembled, please don't disassemble at will 

*If you need DIY adjustment, please pay attention to use special tools and not use too much force. 


3. Each cable has two combs.

*The color of the comb is subject to the cable kit picture. If you need to change to another color combs please contact customer service. 


4. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, or different batches of material, no further notice, the real object shall prevail. 


5. The product pictures of this link use "Kit A" as the display product and reference color. 

The actual product content and quantity will be sent according to the kit option you selected.


6. About the color sequence of PCI-E 8pin.

① The color sequence of 2x PCI-E 8pin/6pin (Kit A/F/G) cables will follow the pictures.

*They are not symmetrical/same colors, but a scaled down sequence similar to ATX 24pin.

② The color sequence of 3x PCI-E 8pin (Kit H) cables will completely follow ATX 24pin.


Product Properties:

Model: Fm-NCK2

Interface Type: Male[5557] to female[5559] 

Cable Core: 18 AWG 

Cable Diameter: 3 mm 

Optional color matching: subject to the product's option picture 

Length: 300mm [default] 

*If you need other lengths, please contact the seller

Pre-bent 180°

Please confirm your Motherboard / Graphics card interface before purchasing 

And use the side where the buckle is located as the reference 


ATX(Motherboard) 24Pin is bent towards the side of buckle 

EPS(CPU) 8Pin/4Pin is bent towards the side of buckle 

PCI-E(GPU) 8Pin/6Pin is bent to the opposite side of buckle 

 *If the buckle on your Motherboard / Graphics card is contrary to our default setting, 

 Please contact the seller about it when buying.

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