FormulaMod Fm-DZQ, Terminal Crimp Tool, Crimping Tool, SN-28B Terminal Tool, For 28-18 AWG 0.1-1.0mm


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Product specifications

Sku: Fm-DZQ

Name: Terminal Crimp Tool, SN-28B

Handle color: Blue

Material: Ni-Cr alloy steel

Size: 190 x 150 mm

Crimping capacity:

0.1-1.0, AWG 28-18. 2.54mm - 3.96mm.

Suitable for connectors:

43645, 43020, 5500, VH, 35156, 3.96, 90331, 5195, 5196, 39612, FL, 5557, 42474, SL, OTP, FL, YL, small EL, QH, NV, etc.


Perfect for connector crimping and ratcheting jobs. Can be widely used in electronic DIY, home and office, etc. This terminal crimper is designed with automatic release mechanism to keep a high quality crimping standard under repeat crimping.

Non-Slip handle - Ergonomic designed handle, provides maximum leverage and reduced hand fatigue after long time use. Greatly improved crimping results, saving your time and energy.

Automatic buckle lock, more powerful. Ratchet - type force - connecting rod structure. Can be adjusted by adjusting the wheel control handle crimping force.

Operation more easily, pressure line faster.

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