FormulaMod Fm-CableKit-02, 18AWG Extension Cable Kits, Including ATX 24Pin*1 PCI-E 8PIN*2 CPU 8PIN*1 Comb Set


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Use Formulamod Extensions to improve your equipment.

Each extension uses advanced copper wire for maximum conductivity and high quality casing for excellent flexibility and vibrant color. heatshrink-free to ensure your construction is clean.
The additional cable lengths offered by these extensions make them ideal for large builds where standard length cables are not accessible. Best of all, FormulaMod Extensions are available in a wide variety of cable types and colors, which makes it easy to add a splash of color to virtually every cable in your system.
Kit List:
1 pcs ATX 24Pin 
2 pcs PCI-E 8Pin
1 pcs CPU 8Pin 
2 pcs 24Pin Comb
2 pcs 16Pin Comb
2 pcs 8Pin Comb 



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