Bykski Seal Tightness Tester Split Water Cooling Tester Leak-proof, For Testing The Loop, Blocks For Leaks, B-DTH-K40-V3


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1. This gas measuring device can be connected to all standard G1/4 threaded products.

2. The installation direction can be chosen independently. Please pay attention to safe operation to prevent any possible damage to the device.

Installation Method:

first connect the gas tube of the gas measuring

device to the gas measuring device and tighten



1. Test method: Connect the other end of the gas pipe of the detector device to any G1/4'' hole of the water cooling system and tighten clockwise.

2. Test method: After the gas measuring equipment is connected to the water cooling system, pump up the water cooling system until the barometer pointer swings between 0.3 bas and 0.1 bas (not more than 0.4 bas, because the air pressure is too high, which may cause the risk of the tube falling off, etc. ), according to the size of the internal waterway space to determine how much gas needs to be determine how much gas needs to be filled.

3. Test result: within 10 seconds, the pointer of the barometer will not swing back, indicating that there is a problem with the sealing of the water cooling system. and it is necessary to check the air leakage.

Check the tightness of the entire water cooling system after the installation is completed (because there may be looseness of the water pipes and joints, you need to confirm the tightness of each joint and pipe body again)


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