Bykski RGB 1 To 6 Sync Extension Cable, 12V 4pin, Expansion Hub For Lighting Products Synchronize To Motherboard, B-1P6L-X


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1. This hub can not increase the extra power supply capacity of the RGB interface of the motherboard. Generally, the RGB interface rarely provides 12V*1A=12W power supply capacity. It can be connected to 10 RGB fans for uniform dimming. It is recommended that the total length of the RGB light strips should not exceed 1 meter. If the brightness of the interface becomes too dark after the interface load is too large, the device needs to be reduced.

2. Wiring skills: Remember that the arrow on the plug corresponds to the RGB pin 12v.

3. The standard RGB interface is a pin round pin. Individual support for the motherboard dimming water-cooled headlight interface requires a pin as a guideline. The two pins are not universal. If you need a guideline, please contact customer service.

4.The function of this product is to expand the hub of the motherboard RGB connector, and the hub of non-fan power supply. (See clearly before buying)

5.12v connects to 5V and there is no response. Please pay attention to distinguish the interface. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time.

Product parameters

Model: B- IP6L-X

Annex: Pin header * 7

Color: black

Quality assurance: 2 years

Material: TPE

Size: Reference size chart

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