Bykski RBW 5v 3pin Hard Tube Program Kit Multiple Programs For Intel /AMD Water Cooling Kit Beginner and Advance Level Kit


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Purchase Notes:

1. All program kits do not come with coolant.

2. The program kit, which only include the products in the corresponding program kit list. The products such as case, RAM blocks, motherboard etc. outside the list, only for reference and display.

The kit's actual installation results will vary depending on progarm and case, builder ideas, etc.

*GPU block, please contact us to determine the GPU details before order.

*Tank size default 150mm.

*All fittings default black style.

Kit List Note:

As Bykski upgrades or adjusts the contents of the kit from time to time, such as product updates version or appearance, minor adjustments to the kit list, etc.,

If not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object and the newest list shall prevail

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