Bykski 5V A-RGB / 12V RGB Light Strip, LED Bar For Bykski's CPU/GPU Water Cooling Block, 70/100/150/200mm, Support Sync Motherboard B-VCLT-RBW-V2 B-VCLT-RGB-V2


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Product Description:

Only compatible with Bykski controllers or Bykski conversion cable, not compatible with other brand controllers.

The link does not include the controller and sync motherboard adapter cable, if necessary, please purchase it separately .

Version Description:

Since the screw holes of V2 and V1 are different in size, they cannot be mixed. Please carefully observe and compare whether your GPU block is V1 or V2 before purchasing.

V2 and V1, there is no difference in function and performance, only the appearance and screws are different

Please observe the connection position between the LED strip and the cable to judge

V1 version: the connection position is on the back side of the lamp beads

V2 version: the connection position is on the same side of the lamp beads


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