Bykski 120mm Rgb Fan Cooler 12v 4pin Compatible With 120/240/360/480mm Radiators Water Cooling Fans Case Fan, CF-RGB-X-V2


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Purchase Note:

1. This is a constant speed fan, so the fan speed cannot be changed.

2. This fan may not be compatible with other brands of controllers.

3. We recommend buying a controller to match and use them.

Product Parameters:

Model: CF-RGB-X-V2

Color: RGB colorful loop

Rotating speed: 1500 [ +10%]RPM

Noise value: 33.6dbA

Fan supply current: 0.12A LED:0.24A

LED current: 0.24A

Fan supply voltage: 12V

Light voltage: 12V

Product Size(mm): 120* 120*26

Rated power: Fan: 1.44W/LED:2.88W Min: 0.96W

Air volume: 64.8CFM


Power supply interface: Must use this product specific control module

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