Barrowch FBFT03-V2, Digital Display OLED Rotor Flow Meters, Multiple Colour Aluminum Alloy Panel + POM Body, Real-time detection


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Product information

Name: Barrowch Flow meter (OLED)

Type: FBFT03 V2

Materials used: Aluminium front cover + POM

Technical specifications:

Threads G1/4

Rated voltage: 12V DC Line length: 80cm

Power connector: 2510-3P

Size: 64*31* 6(mm)


Power interface: Provide the pins-and-sockets type for easy installation

Presentation of information: The Real-time rotational speed can be shown accurately and digitally when it was connected fan interface of the main board or Fan Governor.

Interchangeability of inlet and outlet: The inlet and outlet can be changed according to the needs (The reception mode is factory preset to the right entrance)

Screen size: 1.54 " White OLED screen (ultra low-power)

Matters needing attention:

Please set the speed of the FAN interface for the main board BIOS to "full speed" before the first pass of the installation,Keep the voltage as the stable 12V from avoiding the damage or abnormal equipment due to low voltage The display is fragile, do not press hard. (The connection is only illustrated in the drawing, and it is not included with the standard configuration. If necessary, please purchase another.) The appearance maybe upgrade without additional notices. Any discrepancy in future, please adhere to the actual product instead.

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