Barrowch FBD5BX, Digital Display PWM 18W Pump With Reservoir Combinations, Box Fish D5 Series, Integrated Pump + Reservoir,


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1.Multi-directional hole design can be to take the tube more convenient;

2.Please do not make pump idling, to avoid irreparable losses;

3.Before using, need to distinguish between inlet and outlet of pump to avoid affecting normal use;

4.When using please put the inlet up, make the water cooling flow naturally into the inlet by gravity. Do not put inlet of pump down to avoid affecting normal use

5.(The standard does not contain controller. If need, please purchase it separately)

6.After installation and before first electrifying, please set up the mother board BIOS corresponding fan interface to ‘full speed’ to keep the voltage as stable 12V output to avoid the equipment damage or abnormal due to low voltage

7.The display screen is fragile, so please don' t press hard;

8.In case product appearance upgrade, without further notice, prevail in kind.

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