Barrow YK-50V2, 50mm Diameter Acrylic Cylindrical Tanks , Transparent Wall, 130/180/230/280mm Length , Water Cooling Reservoirs


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***Receiving water fittings, interfaces, pumps, CPU / GPU cold head, tanks, heat exchangers, a large number of wholesale, please contact the owner***


This tank is barrow official authorization genuine, excellent quality is another imitation can not achieve. Please note that buyers identify counterfeit products.

The thickness of the tank tube reaches 5mm, can withstand short-term up to 100 degrees Celsius to boil.
Tank Case Diameter: 50MM
Whole Length: 130mm/120mm/230mm/280mm
Material: POM + Acrylic
Product Description:
Product list:
Tank body * 1 pcs
Plastic Tank Bracket * 2 pcs
Metal L-bracket * 2 pcs
Spare silicone O-ring * 2 pcs
Screw & nut * 6 set
water tank is full open design, the upper and lower threaded fastening tool-free structure helps clean the cooling system
 the upper and lower lid are made of imported CNC machining CNC POM materials, high-quality process
 POM material with good temperature resistance, both upper and lower cover interfaces inch sizes G1 / 4 standard thread interface, compatible with all commercially available universal standard pagoda, quick connector, material strength, need not worry about the interface and the thread deformation and cracking
 Central transparent tube body temperature is a modified acrylic material, after machining has been done in addition to stress treatment, the tube can withstand 100 degrees water temperature short time deformation and cracking does not occur.
Plastic pipe fixing bracket for the PC material injection molding to forming, with good ductility not easy to crack
Stainless steel L-shaped metal bracket fixed to the user of the tank in the drive, hard disk drive bays, so that your entire cooling system is more beautiful, more flexible placement.
We recommend 3-6 months and replace waterproof silicone ring
(Parts and accessories to upgrade and improve the design case is not timely updated photo information, please prevail in kind)



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