Barrow TCBJ-DDF, DDC Pump Brackets, Radiator Expand Sub-brackets, Fixed DDC Pump To Case OR Radiator,


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Suitable for 120mm cold row of holes to expand stent TCBJ-G and TCBJ-P, with the expansion through sub-mount, fixed installation to achieve DDC type pumps.

The stent fully integrated DDC pumps each class and each installation pitch angle of installation needs, with a plurality of mounting holes, can be achieved with BARROW-based DDC cooling kit DDC pump to achieve 360-degree horizontal and vertical installation 4 angle of 90 degrees to install more installation requires seed position.

Universal M4 screw mounting and fixing me with BARROW pump integrated pump cover can achieve total installed pump + tank

Material: Steel Quantity: 1PCS / only

Screw: M4 / 4PCS

Packaging: Box

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