Barrow STCUDT+UQB-12 UV/White Lighting Strip For Reservoir Special Fluorescent Lighting Components With Drives


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Barrow TLYK series of spiral T virus cylindrical water tank special fluorescent lighting components for the tank function expansion kit, can provide water tank internal spiral body strong UV lighting effect, the overall use of composite structure support, independent components, easy to install, just tighten Threaded hole in the tank can be set, the upper and lower positions can be
Quartz glass is made of quartz glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion is 5.5 × 10-7 / ℃, only 1/12 ~ 1/20 of ordinary glass, the qualified sample test standard is burning to 1200 ℃ After rapid investment in cold water, repeated more than three times not allowed to burst, can easily cope with the highest temperature within the water cooling system and temperature conditions, and built-in double-sealed rubber apron to provide the highest level of security.
12VDC input harness provides a large 4P male and female connector, in the use of a group of power interface at the same time release a group of connectors, will not take up system resources.
Standard list:
Drive X1
Lamp X1
STCUDT155 Length: 125mm
STCUDT205 Length: 175mm
STCUDT255 Length: 225mm
STCUDT305 Length: 275mm
Interface Material: Brass
Interface type: G1 / 4
Part of the body material: quartz glass (silica)
Interface diameter: 18MM
Diameter of pipe body: 8mm

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