Barrow SLF-V3 Water cooling system electronic data type Flow Sensor Indicator , able to Access the motherboard to read data


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Water flow can bring the impeller rotation to achieve beautiful and intuitive visual effects
The working principle of the electronic flow meter is the non-contact operation of the blade embedded magnet and the sensor on the circuit board
When the impeller turns a circle that sends a group of signals,
Electronic type tachometer only supports the connection with the speed detection function of the external fan governor use, the computer motherboard FAN interface speed data format and the flow meter is different from the direct installation of the motherboard FAN interface can not be used normally.
The water flow calibration is set to 86 IMP / L, and the correct flow rate is displayed
If you say that the speed you receive is 90, then you use 90 to remove the value obtained by 86, that is, every minute through the water flow of water, the unit is liters
Standard 3PIN data cable (motherboard 3P fan universal interface) with standard length of 0.8 m
Flowmeter 2-terminal fittings are G1 / 4 standard internal thread, compatible with all the same standard external thread connector
If you need a white impeller flow meter, please contact customer service or add a note in advance.
Material: brass / polycarbonate
Internal thread size: G1 / 4 (international common gauge)
Number of products: 1PCS / only

                        Does not contain fittings

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