Barrow RAMWBT-PA2, RAM Water Cooling Block Kits, LRC 2.0 RGB, One Kit Two Armor One Block, One Block Maximum Support 4 RAM


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Product description:

1.RAMWB-PA2 is designed for a number of memory dedicated micro channel cold head, up to four memory support, with transparent acrylic upper cover, can present an excellent visual effects of cold liquid.
2.The built-in RGB lamp assembly, 6 LED light bulb, can cover the entire cold head, the light effect is better.
3.You need to match BARROW's memory armor and use BARROW's original accessories to ensure good compatibility
4.This product is standard with no controller. This cold head lighting system should be used with controller. Make sure to take the required controller when purchasing.
5.The cold head set memory (RAMWBT-PA) contains a memory of the cold head (RAMWB-PA) and two sets of memory (RAMLA), such as armor is more than 2 memory usage, can buy a stack memory armor, memory cold head can support up to four simultaneous use of memory.
6.In the picture, the hard tube connection uses the hand to twist the joint, only for the demonstration use, the standard does not contain the picture inside the rigid pipe connection joint.
7.In case of upgrade of the appearance and structure of the product, without notice, the object shall prevail.

Friendship tips:

The original bare can be installed directly, with the original armor coated heat type memory installed cold head, need to remove the memory cooling armor original, in the demolition of the original armor can reduce the difficulty of disassembly by heating method, the steps proposed under the guidance of professionals.

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