Barrow Mobile Phone Semiconductor Rapid Cooler, For Gaming Cellphone, Heat Sink Cooling Fan Radiator


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1. Cooler shall not be used without load for a long time, otherwise the internal cooling equipment will be damaged irreversibly ;
2. During use, condensation on the surface will be caused by hot air meeting, cold air due to the fall of temperature of the product, which is a normal phenomenon ;
3. Mobile phones adapted are 65 to 80mm wide and within 9.5 mm thick ;
4. It shall be used with a power adapter of 5V 2A or more than 2A ;
5. Due to different charging agreements of the chargers of different brands, cooling fan may stop instantaneously while turning on, which is a normal phenomenon. Please feel relieved to use it;
6. Different ambient temperatures and mobile phone applications may have floating changes in cooling and heat dissipation effects ;
7. The structure of the product appearance will be upgraded without prior notice, Material object shall prevail.