Barrow Copper Radiator Support 120MM Fan Water Cooling CPU Overclocking Cooler Dabel-60d Length 480mm, Thickness 60mm


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1. After fixing radiator on the installation position of the radiator well, do not wring the screw so as to avoid scratching the screw.

2. Please select suitable screw to fix the radiator.

3. Radiator does not distinguish between inlet and outlet, normal heat dissipation can be carried out at any inlet of radiator.

4. The radiator wave plate should be cleaned and maintained after every period of time. Frequent cleaning can keep the radiator in good heat dissipation state.

5. Before the first use of radiator, the special cleaning agent for the radiator should be used to clean it, and then it can be used normally.

6. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure,no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

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