Barrow BSDQ2/BSDQ3, SLI/CF Bridges Water Block, For Barrow Graphics Card Cross Fire, LRC1.0 12v 4pin Lighting


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BSDQ2/BSDQ3 product is a multi-link accessory in the environment of multi-video card platform When used in the use of multi-card SLI, two or more graphics card can be connected to the cold head water, and can support the graphics card According to different PCI Express card slot distance, there are 4 different models The surface technology of microscrub can obviously improve the effect of light diffusion This product is made of acrylic raw materials used in German original factory This product contains the rubber ring and screw, wrench and so on. Please feel free to purchase This product is only guaranteed to be compatible with BARROW's video card cooling head, not guaranteed to be compatible with other brand graphics cold heads. In the picture, the water lock head is used for display only, and the label is not included in the picture. If the appearance of the product is upgraded, no further notice will be made. The product is compatible with LRC full-color RGB lighting control system, standard without controller, for controller please purchase separately.

L4-2WAY size:61*79*18mm interval:40mm L6-2WAY size:81*79*18mm interval:60mm L8-2WAY size:102*79*18mm interval:80mm L4-3WAY size:102*79*18mm interval:40mm This product contains only Multi graphics card water connector block, the picture is only for display

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