Barrow BS-COI2070-PA LRC2.0 Full Coverage Water Block For COLORFUL iGame RTX2070 Aurora RGB


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1. Different versions of the cold head must match the appropriate version of the controller, pls purchase the required controller;

2.The product is compatible with the original card backplane;

3.Confirm that your graphics card is in the compatible list, otherwise it may not be installed properly;

4.The water block is compatible with GUP original display screen;

5.In the picture, the hard tube connection uses the hand to twist the joint, only for the demonstration use, the standard does not contain the picture inside the rigid pipe connection joint;

6.Pay attention to cooling liquid inlet and outlet positions during installation, installation errors will affect the cooling performance;

7.In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice,the real object shall prevail.

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