Anti-Off Tpye Hard Tube Fitting Barrow Silicone G1/4" Adapter Suitable For Od14mm / Od16mm Rigid Pipe Water Cooling Component


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Purchase Notes

1. Product quantity: 1 lot = 4 pieces

*Each lot product contains only 4 pcs fittings. Other products are for reference, such as tube, water cooling block, pump, reservoir, etc.

2. Brand manufacturers reserves right to alter block design to expand compatibility. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail.

Purchase Notes

1.Material: Brass; 2.Dental gauge: G1/4; 3.Maximum outside diameter: 22mm(OD14mm), 24mm(OD16mm); 4.Use super-thick special-shaped rubber ring to effectively prevent tube falling off and effectively enhance the friction with the tube wall; 5.After cut the tube, and Installation without chamfer is convenient and fast; 6.It is hidden inner hexagonal groove structure, tightened by wrench tool, saves labor and is more firm; 7. In case product appearance upgrade, without further notice, prevail in kind.

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