Granzon Advanced GPU Water Cooling Kit With Bykski GPU Block/PWM DDC Pump/240 Radiator/A-RGB Fan/AIO Sotf Tube, GZGPU-M240N


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Purchase Notes: (8.12 Update)
1. Bykski updated the product and sold it in kit form, instead of pre-assembled all-in-one.

2. This kit contains:
①GPU block [Please contact the seller (via message board or email) about your graphics card information]
②PWM DDC pump
③Pump bridge module
④240mm radiator
⑤AIO soft tube x2
⑥90° fitting x2
⑦A-RGB fan x2
⑧A-RGB lighting controller
*Due to the liquid limitation of most logistics, this kit no longer contains coolant

3. About GPU block:
The kit's GPU block is composed of Bykski GPU block,
The option "double-sided waterway version" is TC series GPU block,
If Bykski did not release TC GPU block for your graphics card, then please select "Single-sided waterway+backplane version" for X series GPU block
For example:
Graphics card information Asus TUF RTX 3090 24G Gaming
N-AS3090TUF-TC available (TC series - Double-sided waterway version)
N-AS3090TUF-X available (X series - Single-sided waterway+backplane version)
*If you don't know much about TC and X series, you can contact us for your graphics card information before submitting the order

How to quickly determine whether it is available for you.
You can find the GPU block from Bykski suitable for your graphics card on our website, then this kit is available,

4. About other products:
①. AIO soft tubes default 500mm (200/300/400 is optional, for these size please leave a message or contact us)
②. The kit is black style, other color options are temporarily not supported
③. All lighting components of this kit are A-RGB 5v 3pin, and 12v 4pin is temporarily not supported

5. About product upgrades:
Bykski reserves the right to upgrades products or adjusts the contents of the kit,
If in the future such as product updates version, model or appearance, adjustments to the kit list, etc., if not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object and the newest list shall prevail.


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