Barrow SPB17-PLUS, PLUS Version 17W PWM Pumps, LRC 2.0 With Aluminum Radiator Cover, Need Install Reservoir To Work


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1. Pump cover material: PMMA (acrylic)
Shell material: aluminum alloy
3. New all-aluminum alloy kit, alternative heat dissipation structure, better heat dissipation performance, improve pump running stability, and substantially extend pump life.
4. The pump cover and the reservoir can be freely combined and separated. Later, different lengths of pipe body components can be purchased for upgrade and modification.
5. The set pump can be manually adjusted or PWM automatic speed control. (Factory default is PWM mode)
6. Activate the manual mode: Turn the speed switch clockwise to enter the manual speed control mode. Rotate counterclockwise to the end, that is, turn off the manual mode to enter the PWM automatic speed control mode.
7. Control type: LRC2.0 version of the lighting control system
8. This product comes standard with no controller. If you need a controller, please purchase it separately.
9. In the event of an upgrade in the appearance of the product, without prior notice, the actual product will prevail.

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