Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Hydronaut 12.5W/mK Thermal Grease Ultra High Performance For Graphics Card Cpu GPU Grease 1g/5.5g


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Quick Start Guide


Important: Avoid eye and skin contact! Keep away from children! Contact a doctor immediately if swallowed or after eye contact!

1. Clean the contact surface

Clean the surface of the CPU heat spreader and CPU cooler with a dry cloth or high-percentage isopropanol.

2. Apply the thermal grease

2.1. Apply using the Thermal Grizzly applicator

Mount the applicator to the syringe (Figure 1 )• Now the grease can be applied as seen in Figure 2. The applied layer should be as thin as possible, but yet cover the entire surface of the CPU heat spreader.

After the application pull back the plunger slightly, so that the thermal grease returns from the applicator back into the syringe. The applicator may now be unscrewed and the cap can be screwed. Note: If you purchased the syringe in a zip bag, you can safely store the syringe and applicator in the bog until needed for next application.

2.2. Apply with a spatula or plastic card (optional)

Use a plastic spatula or a plastic card with a straight edge (no metal objects!) Apply an approximately 3x3 mm drops and spread it evenly.

Note: Apply the thermal grease very slowly and with a little pressure.

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