Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120, SL-Infinity Mirror Daisy Chain ARGB Fan, 5v A-RGB L-Connect 3.0 System, Black/White Style, PWM Low Noise High RPM, UF-SLIN120-3 UF-SLIN120-1


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Product Features

*INFINITY MIRROR FAN - A combination of the original UNI FAN SL and AL with a touch of infinity mirror, the SL-Infinity fans glow clear with multi-layer effects from any visible angle.

*CENTERED INFINITY MIRROR ARGB - The circular-shaped infinity mirror at the center of the fan is tuned to have multiple layers spaced 0.5mm apart.

*SIDE FRAME ARGB - Following the iconic angular lighting style of SL fans, the SL-Infinity fans have 2 thin LED strips on both sides of the fan blade.

*ALUMINUM TRIM SURROUNDED INFINITY MIRROR - Surrounding aluminum trims are located on both sides of the frame. The geometric shape of the infinity mirror follows the front ARG lighting strip in a top and bottom pattern that creates a 3D indented look.

*REAR RIM OF LED AROUND THE ALUMINUM LOGO - Inspired by AL fans, there is a bright ARGB rim of light around the LIAN LI logo at the rear.

Product Parameters

Fan Dimension: 120x122.1x25 mm

Rated Voltage: DC 12V (Fan) & 5V (LED)

Fan Speed: 0.200~2100 RPM Max.

Air Pressure: 2.66mmH2O (Maximum) Max.

Air Flow: 61.3 CFM (Maximum)

Acoustical Noise: 29 dB(A) Max

Locked Current: ≥50mA

Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)

Start-Up Voltage: DC 6.0V

Input Current: 180mA (Fan) /600mA (LED)

Input Power: 5.16W

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