FormulaMod Fm-JL, 5557/5559 Terminal Male/female Conntector, PCI-E/CPU/ATX/D-type/Sata Connector For Making DIY Extension Cables


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Product specifications:

Sku: Fm-JL

Name: 5557/5559 Terminal Male/female Conntector

Quantity: 1 piece,

Material: plastic

Color: black

Purchase Note:

1. This link just for connector, it does not come with any 5557/5559 terminal. If you need them, you can buy them separately in our shop.

2. 5557 is compatible male connector, 5559 is compatible female connector, Please make a distinction when purchasing

3. In case of upgrading and product batches to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail

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