Bykski GPU Water Cooling Block For GALAX Gainward RTX 3070 3070Ti Metal Master / SG , Full Cover Cooler GPU Cooler, N-GY3070BK-X


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with a RGB controller

Compatible list

Galax RTX 3070 Metal Master OC
Galax RTX 3070 Metal Master
Galax RTX 3070 Ti OC
Galax RTX 3070 Ti
Galax RTX 3070 SG 8G
Galax RTX 3070

Gainward RTX 3070 Ti
Gainward RTX 3070 OC

*Since Galax and Gainward uses different PCB layouts in factories in different regions.

Please use the PCB layout to judge whether it is compatible and not just the model.

Especially Gainward Phantom/Phoenix/Ghost/Pegasus series