Bykski B-PMS5-X, D5 Pumps, Maximum Flow 1100L/H, Maximum Lift 3.8 Meter, Produced by Bykski


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Product Parameters

Pump type: B-PMS5-X Color: black Material: Engineering plastic Driving mode: SINE WAVE Product Size: Please refer to the dimension drawing Driving technology:Ultra Durable PCB+Solid Capacitor+SMD Sensor Voltage consumption: DC 12V, TDP23W Maximum flow: 1100L/H Output head: 3.8 METERS Wording temperature: 60°C below 4800rpm Speed control method PWM Temperature control mode Maximum speed: 1500- 4800 Signal interface: Molex D-type 4pin+ manual speed control + data feedback Voltage range: 8V-24V

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