Barrowch FBM2TZ-01, M.2 Solid State Drive Digital Display Cooling Kit, For 2280/22110 Specification M2 Type SSD


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Product description

Material: Aluminum

alloy Features:

1. Innovatively Imparts real-time temperature display to the M.2heat sink kit

2. Can assist the heat dissipation on both sides of the hard disk drive.

3. Be suitable for 2280/20110 specification M2 type HDD

4. Please use the accessory screws to installation and don't replace them at will to avoid damage to hardware.

5. Easy to get electric power just plug the power supply interface into the motherboard fan slot.

6. Display accuracy the display temperature can be accurate to0.1 °C.

7. Real-time display temperature real-time display, super-fast 1ms frequency sampling rate+.


1. After installation and before first electrifying, please set up the other board BIOS corresponding fan, Fan interface to "full speed" To keep the voltage as stable 12V output to avoid the equipment damage or abnormal due to low voltage.

2. The display screen is fragile, so please don't press hard.

3. In case product appearance upgrade, without further notice, prevail in kind.

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