Barrowch FBLTFHI-04I For Intel Lga115X/1700/X99/X299 Platform CPU Water Cooling Block With TFT Digital display


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Product Info:

Material: Aluminum alloy (for panel) + Acrylic + Copper

Specification: Suitable for Intel Lga 115X/1700/X99/X299


1. Black and white TFT temperature display, real-time display of water temperature

2. Integrated interface: Through integrating circuits, Integrate the internal circuits into one power input, only need access to Barrow's LRC2.0 lighting system.

3. Super strong compatibility, compatible with three major platforms including the AM4, AM3+, platform.

4. Aluminum alloy CNC: The entire aluminum alloy raw materials, multiple process CNC machines, anodizing sandblasting process, the surface texture is exquisite.

5. 0.4mm micro waterway base plate waterway base plate, the waterway quantity is about 49 grooves, nickel plating process on the surface, made of pure mirror-polishing process.

6. Internal integrated full color adjustable RGB light module can achieve dynamic and static multiple color effect switching.

7. The upper cover of water block is made of PMMA, aluminum alloy and other materials and various color matching schemes could be chosen.

8. Acrylic materials are used of the original wholesale entire acrylic sheet.

Purchase Notes:

1. The water block comes with a manual controller for lighting.

2. Compatibility list: compatible with Intel Lga115X/1700/X99/X299

3. Pay attention to the position of the water inlet and outlet of the cold head during installation, installation errors will affect the heat dissipation efficiency;

4. In case of product appearance and structure upgrade, no further notice will be given, and the actual product shall prevail.

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