Barrow SPG40A-X, 18W PWM Combination Pumps, With Reservoirs, Pump-Reservoir Combination, 90/130/210mm Reservoir Component


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Product properties:

SPG40A-X - Pump

Product model: SPG40A-X

Signal Interface: D-type 4Pin, PWM automatic speed control, data feedback

Pump type: Permanent magnet synchronous pump

Drive technology: Ultra durable PCB, solid state capacitors, chip sensor

Load speed: Max4800rpm

Power voltage: DC12V 18W

Voltage range: 8V-16V

Output head: 4m

Maximum flow: 1260L/H

Work temperature: 38°C when under 4000rpm

Top material: Acrylic/POM

Cover material: Aluminum alloy

Cover Color: Black/White/Silver/Red/Blue

Standard: Screw bag, rubber ring, holder, hexagonal wrench

YKD5G65 - Reservoir component

Product model: YKD5G65

Size: 90mm/130mm/210mm

Cover Color: Black/White

Body material: Acrylic

Cover material: POM

External diameter: 68.5mm

Internal diameter: 65mm

Standard: Screw bag, rubber ring, holder

Combination height:

with YKD5G65-90 total height: 183mm

with YKD5G65-130 total height: 220mm

with YKD5G65-210 total height: 310mm


1. It is forbidden to work the pump for a long time without liquid (water or coolant).

2. It is forbidden to inlet of the pump downward

3. Before installing, please pay attention to distinguish between inlet and outlet.

4. When the SPG40A-X is combined with the YKD5G65, the total height will drop about 5mm.

5. SPG40A-X 'White Cover' option defaults match with YKD5G65 white cover reservoir, 6. Pump and reservoir components, do not come with any fittings and plugs.

We recommend that you purchase an additional plug for inlet of the pump.

*If you plan to use 16x12 hard tube fittings,

Please add a male to female fitting to prevent the 16x12 tube fitting from the fitting's base being too large resulting in improper installation.

7. If you need other color combinations, please contact seller

8. In case of upgrading to the appearance and structure, no further notice, the real object shall prevail

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