Barrow SPB17-T PLUS, PLUS version 17W PWM Pumps, With Aluminum Radiator Cover, For Barrow Waterway Board


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1. The upper cover thread of the product is a through hole, which is only suitable for some waterway Board.
2. New all-aluminum alloy kit, alternative heat dissipation structure, better heat dissipation performance, improve pump running stability, and substantially extend pump life.
3. Installation method: Install the black silicone ring in the groove of the corresponding waterway board, and then fix the water pump on the waterway board with four mounting screws.
4. Control type: LRC2.0 version of the lighting control system
5. This product comes standard with no controller. If you need a controller, please purchase it separately.
6. In the event of an upgrade in the appearance of the product, without prior notice, the actual product will prevail.

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