Barrow GLA-TLB53, Compound Filters, G1/4 Glass+Metal Multiple Color Combinations, With Extra Filter Net


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  • Waterway impurities filtration products

    Two end fittings way hex wrench tighten

    Standard high-flow -type stainless steel filter

    Comes with interchangeable accessory kit containing high filtration stainless steel filter for user-replaceable

    Transparent viewing window more intuitive design

    Delicate appearance, almost specular gloss

    Texture / price ratio far exceeds the general commercial joint

    Even with the best fitting of the cooling system


      1, there is the interface to the outlet end of the filter , no filter inlet end interface

      2 , the initial installation of the filters in the filter suitable for initial installation of the primary cooling system filter , the filter pore size larger water flow without affecting the premise filter clothes cold row, cold head , water tanks and other accessories made of metal or quality plastic particles and impurities, until the system can be replaced after a period of time on the accessory kit high filtration type filter, clean water can be maintained long-term and avoid objects or cold head clogging impurities cause performance degradation


    Material : Brass

    Dental regulations : G1 / 4 ( common international regulatory teeth )

    Quantity : 1PCS / group

    Dimensions : 43MM ( length ) * 23MM ( diameter )

    Filter Size: 30 mesh / 60 mesh

    Suitable wrench tool Specifications: Inch 3 /8 " ( included in the package wrench tool )


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