Bykski B-PETGWP, 500mm PETG Hard Tubes, High Quality PETG Light Transmission, 12x8/14x10/12x16mm, 2 Tubes/lot


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Using new PETG materials Advantages of PETG tube

1.PETG tube is not easy to be broken, it has the hardness of hard tube, and also has toughness.

2.PETG tube is resistant to oil, fat, olefin, dilute alkali, various chemicals and common cleaning agents.

3.Easy processing, in hot processing, the hot blowing time is shorter than the acrylic tube, the heat is even, the bonding is convenient and fast.

4.PETG tube has high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and has good gloss.

5.PETG tube is non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and safe, and the substrate is evenly environmentally friendly.

6.It is easy to cut without using hand saw or electric saw. It can be cut with X-type water pipe shear. The cutting edge is flat, not easy to be broken, and the size is accurate.


It is not resistant to high temperature and has potential high temperature deformation risk

Product parameters


Color: Transparent

Selectable color: 50vm Nurmerical

Value: MAX: 50°C/MIN:-20°C

The way of cutting: PVC tube scissors/A handsaw/chainsaw

Product characteristics: Easy cutting/high toughness/high transparency

Product use: PC water cooling systerm component connection

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