Bykski RGV-COS-760T-P, Waterway Boards For Corsair 760T/780T Case, For Intel CPU Water Block & Single GPU Building


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Purchase Notes:

1. Lighting system: Bykski RBW 5v 3pin (This waterway board package does not come with RBW controller)

If you want RGB 12v 4pin version, please contact the seller

2. All pumps, radiators, reservoirs, cases, fittings, and other products in details photos are for reference only.

3. This product is only compatible with Thermaltake Core P7 TG Case, may not be compatible with other cases.

4. Waterway Board suitable for single GPU building

5. Waterway Board material: matte acrylic + transparent acrylic

6. If you are interested in the cooling kit based on this waterway board, please contact us, we have their special recommendation plans.

7. About the pump:

(1)About the pump installed on the waterway board (as shown in the picture) Please use Bykski's recommended pumps, other brands of pumps may not be compatible.

(2)This waterway board must install a pump for working, otherwise the board will leak We do not recommend buying the 'no pump' option unless you already have a Bykski pump

Product Upgrade Note:

As Bykski upgrades or adjusts the contents of the kit from time to time, such as product updates version, model or appearance, adjustments to the layout, etc.,

If not notified in time, the Bykski's latest real object shall prevail

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