Galax Soft Tube ARGB Vest, Tube Sleeve For Water Cooling AIO Tube / Soft Tube , With A-RGB 5V Lighting, Silicone Material, Bendable, Can Sync To Motherboard


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Purchase Notes

1. The product is suitable for tubes with an outer diameter ≤12mm

(a small amount exceeding 12mm is also available)

2. This link only sells Galax ARGB Vest,

The case, motherboard, fan, water block, soft tube, fittings, etc. in the picture are for reference and display purposes only.

Scope of application:

If tubes are longer than 400mm, please select "Vest length 400mm"

If tubes are longer than 330mm but shorter than 400mm, please select "Vest length 330mm"

*This product is not recommended for tubes shorter than 330mm.

Product Properties



Applicable soft tube outer diameter:


Lighting system:

A-RGB 5v



Higt tempearture resistance

Product Size:

330*12*12 mm

400*12*12 mm

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